Theatre Guidelines

Students may work in stage and shop areas performing construction activities during school hours and after school until rehearsal has ended, as long as the technical director or another qualified supervisor is present.

All students must review the theatre safety guidelines and must agree to comply with these regulations prior to any work in the Scene Shop or Stage areas.

Any injury requiring first aid or other medical treatment must be reported to the technical director the same day.

For any first aid administered in the theatre, first aid kits are provided.

All company members are reminded that at no time should individuals come in contact with another's person's blood or other bodily fluids. Custodians must be contacted to sanitize any spilled blood.

Participants are urged to THINK SAFETY at all times.

Failure to follow the safety rules could result in serious injury or death.

Do not take chances.  If in doubt, ASK.  

If a procedure or situation in the shop or theatre seems dangerous, ASK.

Report all unsafe conditions to a supervisor. 

Food and drink are prohibited in the theatre, shop, and control rooms.