I.T.S. Point Records

I.T.S. Member Point Records:

Check your record in the archives before attempting to update your points.
Look through the ITS Point Values (below) and check your individual record (above) before updating your points.
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Earning a Letter in Theatre

A theatre letter is earned after 60 total points have been accumulated.

  • Additional theatre letters may be earned by accumulating at least 20 points in one school year.
    • Students do not have to be inducted in order to letter in Theatre.
    • Only one letter may be earned per year.
    • Points recorded after a letter has been earned do not carry over toward lettering in the next school year.

Submitting points toward a letter is the student's responsibility. If you do not letter during a given school year because you did not log all of the points you earned, you must wait until the next school year to letter.

  • Please update your point records in a timely manner.

thespian Society Induction


10 ITS points are needed to become a member of the DCC ITS troupe; these are called your "Induction Points."

  • Up to 5 induction points can be earned before coming to DCCHS, but the other 5 must be earned during full-length DCCHS productions.


Your induction points must come from more than one theatrical category.

  • For Instance, if you only have 'Acting' points, you will have to earn at least one point from another category, such as 'Production,' Directing,' or 'Business.'


Your induction points must come from at least TWO full-length DCC Theatre productions.

  • Two one-act productions may take the place of a full-length, as long as they are official DCC Theatre productions.

thespian Society Ranks


    • 0 ITS points required.
    • May act a role in a production.
    • May work as a tech Crew Member for a production.


    • 10 ITS points required.
    • May vote at thespian meetings.
    • May attend Thespian Convention.
    • May earn the title of "Thespian Scholar."
    • May serve as troupe officer.


    • 60 ITS points required.
    • Receives a DCC Activity Letter for Theatre.


    • 120 ITS points required


    • 180 ITS points required

thespian SCHOLAR

Any junior or senior who earns a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher for two consecutive semesters, while also remaining an active member of the troupe, will earn the title "Thespian Scholar."

Your transcript will automatically be checked before you graduate, and you will be awarded the distinction if you meet the criteria. If you would like the label added to your record sooner than that, just email Mr. Hilborn.