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1 Point = 10 Hours of Excellent Work in Theatre

< Point values below based on full-length productions. Shorter productions are worth half the points. >

[ Acting ]

Major Role    [ 8 ]

A main role that meets ALL of these criteria:

  • Appears in almost every scene, in both acts

  • Has many individual lines in each scene they are in

  • Has an actual name or specific title in the script

(example: Hamlet)

Minor Role    [ 5 ]

A supporting role that meets ALL of these criteria:

  • Appears in more than one scene per act

  • Has several individual lines in each scene they are in

  • Has an actual name or specific title in the script

(example: Ophelia)

Walk-On    [ 2 ]

A supplementary role that meets ALL of these criteria:

  • Has at least one individual line in each scene they are in

  • Appears in no more than one scene per act

  • Has an actual name or specific title in the script

(example: Fortinbras)

(A walk-on actor may also claim chorus points, but only if they participate in all ensemble numbers, in addition to their walk-on role.)

CHORUS    [ 3 ]

A background role that meets ANY of these criteria:

  • Acts, dances, and/or sings as part of an ensemble

  • Has no specific name or title in the script

  • Has no individual spoken lines

(example: Second Clown)

Understudy    [ 2 ]

This is a backup actor for major or minor role, who may fill in for another actor on stage. 

If an understudy performs that part on stage for a regular audience, they may claim half of the points that the part is worth, instead of the normal 2 points:

  • Major Role - Performing Understudy [ 4 ]

  • Minor Role - Performing Understudy [ 2.5 ]

*NOTE: If a role's main actor fills the understudy's chorus role during understudy performances, the main actor may not claim chorus points.

[ Business ]

Business TeamS    [ 2 ]

Press Team - Writes press releases, create Facebook events.

Program Design Team - Designs program, collects cast bios.

T-Shirt Design Team - Designs cast/crew t-Shirt, collects shirt sizes, distributes shirts.

Poster Design Team - Designs and creates publicity posters, distributes posters.

Videography Team - Films rehearsal, edits footage, distributes trailer.

House Crew    [1]

Box Office Team - Allocates reserved seating and disburses tickets on all show nights.

Ticket Team - Punches tickets at door and checks ID on all show nights.

Program Team - Distributes program at door on all show nights.

Usher Team - Assist patrons with seat location on all show nights, warns unruly patrons.

[ Production ]

  • A "Crew Chief" is the student in charge of the members of a specific crew.

  • A "Crew Member" is a student, working as a part of a specific crew.

  • A "Team Member" is a student, working as a subset of a certain crew, on a specific task.

  • A student may hold more than one team position in addition to a single crew position.

Asst. Stage Manager    [ 6 ]

Assists Stage Manager in wings during show, and acts as rehearsal prompter in stage manager's absence.

Crew Chief    [ 5 ]

Lighting Console Operator - Operates light board during show.

Sound Engineer - Coordinates sound effects during the show.

Prop Master - Organizes props for the show.

Head of Wardrobe - Designs/Applies costume, hair, and makeup for actors during show.

Run Crew    [ 4 ]

Stage Crew - Moves scenery and changes set decoration during show.

Properties Crew - Assists actors with prop changes.

Lighting Crew - Adjusts hanging lights and/or operates follow-spots.

Sound Crew - Assists Sound Tech with levels and/or equipment.

Wardrobe Crew - Assists actors with makeup and costume changes.

Production TeamS    [ 2 ]

Rehearsal Prompting - Follows along in script to prompt actors with lines.

Curtain Team - Operates curtains for scene changes during show.

Effects Team - Creates/operates any on-stage effects or puppetry needed.

Set Design Team - Designs the set and scene changes for the show.

Construction Team - Builds the set for the show.

Aesthetics Team - Assists in the design and implementation of artistic set decoration and painting.

Fabrication Team - Creates multiple special prop pieces needed for the show.

Costume Team - Creates multiple custom costume pieces needed for the show.

OTHER TECH    [ 5 ]

Middle School Tech - Work as a crew member for one of the middle school productions. This only counts if you are a high-schooler on the run crew for the show nights.

Variety Show Crew - Work as a crew member for all nights of DCC Theatre's Thundapalooza Variety Show.

[ Directing ]

Student Director    [ 8 ]

Stage Manager - Coordinates production crew with actors.

Student Acting Director - Oversees and guides actors during rehearsal.

Student Tech Director - Student who manages the crew and oversees projects independently.

Student Vocal Director - Assists with vocals during rehearsal.

Student Band Director - Assists with band direction during rehearsal.

Student Choreographer - Assists with choreography during rehearsal.

Emcee - Writes skits and acts as host for school variety show.

The Following are not usable as induction points, Unless they are earned during regular DCC Theatre productions.


Thespian Convention    [ 2 ]

Attend all workshop sessions.

Improv Troupe    [ 8 ]

Perform as part of DCC Theatre's "Cheap Date" Improv Troupe.

Homecoming Parade    [ 1 ]

Participate with the DRAMA float in the homecoming parade.

DCC Haunted House    [ 3 ]

Build AND work in the DCC haunted house.

Misc. Tech Work    [ .5 ]

Tech for an assembly or concert.

Performing Arts Trip  [ 2 ]

Any overnight performing arts trip that includes workshops.

[ Leadership ]

Troupe Officer    [ 6 ]

Serve as an elected troupe officer for an entire school year, completing all responsibilities of your office. See "Troupe Information" for descriptions.

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

[ Competition ]

One Act / I.E.    [ 2 ]

Perform in a one-act play or complete an Individual Event for judging at a thespian convention.

Team Challenge    [ 1 ]

Compete in either the Improv Frenzy or Tech Olympics challenge, as part of a team, for judging, at a thespian convention.


Earn a "Superior" rating for a one-act or I.E., earn a best time for Tech Olympics, or get selected for a showcase in Improv Frenzy.

Main Stage Selection    [ 3 ]

Actor or run crew for a full-length production that is a main stage selection for ThesCon.

[ Writing ]

Playwright    [ 8* ]

Play must be submitted to and approved by Keating. Writing for which a grade is received is ineligible.

*Points based on play being produced. Un-produced plays are worth half.

Play Review    [ .5 ]

To earn audience points, you must attend a play (plays which are required for a class are NOT eligible) and submit a substantial critique or report demonstrating the educational value of the experience.

This critique should be at least 400 words, typed, in proper MLA format, and submitted to Mrs. Keating BEFORE submitting a point request.


Click HERE for info on how to write a critical review.